LTAC Parent Meeting Agenda

    1. Finals Schedule
      1. CLICK HERE for finals schedule
        1. See printed copies
      2. Make-up Finals day 1/31/18 (regular bell schedule day)
      3. Semester 2 (February 4) is a fresh start
      4. LTAC Study Night on 1/24  3:30pm-4:30pm
        1. Teachers will be stationed throughout the 4th floor to facilitate student study groups to help prepare for finals.
        2. Student tutors will also be available courtesy of our LTAC Mentor Club



      1. Imagination Theater
        1. 7th Grade Advisories
        2. Tuesday January 29 during Advisory period
  1. LTAC Winter Formal: Hollywood at Lane
    1. Thursday January 31 from 5pm-7pm in the student cafeteria
    2. Advanced tickets will be $5.00
      1. Ticket Sales: Wednesday January 23 during Advisory, 4th period lunch, & 5th period lunch in the LTAC Office (441B)
    3. Tickets sold at the door will be $8.00
  2. History Fair
    1. See schedule from Ms. Turner and Mr. Fitzpatrick
    2. CLICK HERE to check out special tutoring/research help sessions around the city
      1. Teachers offer extra credit for attendance to one of the sessions
    3. Final Product Due March 12 — no exceptions
  3. Programming Info
    1. 8th Graders program with the sophomores with Ms. Reed
    2. 7th Graders program with Ms. Reed in Academy
    3. Guest Student Speakers about 8th Grade Academy
    4. Please see attached grade requirement policy

LTAC Writing Competition Semester 1: The 6 Word Memoir

Description: In order to celebrate writing creatively, LTAC will now invite students to participate in monthly writing competitions. January’s competition invited students to create “six-word memoirs” in the tradition of Ernest Hemingway.

Memoirs can be therapeutic, they can immortalize a slice of life, or they can even allow a writer to reach a sense of understanding of the self. The six-word limitation forces students to be precise with their diction and to focus their attention on one idea. These memoirs offer us beautiful little glimpses into the interior lives and concerns of our students. We hope you enjoy them, and congratulations to our winners and to all those who participated.


7th Grade:


“Much graphite and many eraser marks” – Tucker Morrison


“It’s late. My screen’s still glowing.” – Grace Baldwin


8th Grade:


“Ok Google, what does ’empiricist’ mean?” – James Pan


“Fading freckles give my face away.” – Coco Jones


  1. Calendar
    1. Monday January 21- Martin Luther King Holiday
    2. Thursday January 24 3:30-4:30pm – LTAC Study Night
    3. January 28-30 Final Exams
    4. Friday February 1 — no school for students
      1. End of Quarter 1
      2. Grades finalized by 10:00AM
    5. Wednesday February 6 – Advisory bell schedule
    6. Thursday February 7 – February LTAC Parent Meeting
    7. Monday February 18 – President’s Day Holiday