LTAC History Fair Winners!

Congratulations to the following students who represented LTAC at the Chicago City History Fair competition on Saturday, March 30. Best of luck to all who competed!!


“A Space for Me” – Ayushi Jha

“The Water of the Windy City” – Almendra Ron


“CPI: The Reaction that Change America” – Ari Frost, August Damiani, Jonas Rappel

“Act Up Chicago” – Emelia Rodriguez

“Jon Burge, Victim Justice” – Ava Barbour, Emma Corbett, Jemma Wygodny


“The Killer Clown” – Melody Dorantes, Zulma Cuenca

“Police Brutality in Chicago: The case of Frank Pape” – Hazel Roudebush, Ivy Tollefson, Tekla Peterson

“Creative Culture on Michigan Avenue” – Gigi Ritter, Ruby Reddy, Mia K.

“Fire!” – Connor Shane, Shumei, Charlotte Muller


“Chicago Black Sox Scandal” – Mascus Larson

“Uncovering the Story Behind Chicago’s Diverse Neighborhoods” – Anoushka Lal