Math and Language Placement Exam Details: Incoming 7th Graders School Year 2020-21

Here are some details about the math placement and language placement exams.
Math Placement Exam
When: Saturday June 6
Time: 10AM – 11AM
How will this happen?
– A google hangout session will be emailed to everyone who registers to take the exam.
– You must “log in” to the google hangout by 9:45AM on Saturday June 6
– All cameras MUST be on
– You can use pencil and paper but NO calculators or phones
– Any “work” needed to be shown and done on paper you will need to take photos of and uploaded at the end of the exam (there will be clear instructions).
– The test will be online and made available to those who register at 10:00AM on Saturday June 6 and be closed at 11:00AM
You do NOT HAVE to take this test. If you wish to opt-out, you will be placed in Pre-Algebra. The majority of our incoming 7th graders take Pre-Algebra, regardless of prior math classes taken.
If you do wish to take the exam, please complete this registration:
CLICK HERE to register for the Math Placement Exam.
Questions about the math placement exam should be sent to Lauren Jencius at, Nick Markese at, and CC myself on them,
Language Placement Exam Details
Language placement exams are scheduled for next Friday, May 29th at 10am. Students should take a language placement exam if they selected a language as their first choice elective and speak the language they will be taking as a seventh grader OR if they took the selected language at their elementary school. The language exam will allow students to test out of the level one language and into a higher level language class.  An additional email will be sent to all students who are taking a language class next week.  Click here to sign up for a language placement exam.  You can review full details here:
Please email me with any questions –