Music Auditions

Students who are taking a music performance class, such as band, chorus, piano, or orchestra, and have music experience are encouraged to audition to be placed in an advanced performance class. The music department will hold auditions on May 3rd and 4th from 3:30-5:30 pm.  Please contact the appropriate director to schedule your interview.

If you are unable to make it on May 3 or 4, you may also contact the director to schedule a virtual audition.  Instructions for virtual auditions are included below for each performance class.

Any students who have string playing experience should contact Ms. Morales at to schedule an audition. Students who are auditioning virtually will submit a video to that includes the following:
1. The student playing a solo or song of their choice
2. The student playing the D major scale and G major scale – either 1, 2, or 3 octaves, depending on what they are most comfortable with
3. The parent’s email address and phone number so that Ms. Morales can schedule a time for an over-the-phone sight reading portion of the audition.
At the scheduled time, Ms. Morales will call the parent and email the parent a sight-reading excerpt.  The student will play the excerpt over the phone. Sight-reading is important to place students in the correct level. This will often tip the scales between one class or another.

Contact Ms. Morales via email at if you have additional questions.

If you have previous experience with a band instrument, please contact Mr. Flygt at and Mr. Veren at to set up an audition.  Students who are auditioning virtually should submit a video labeled with the student’s full name(First and Last), and should contain the following:

Email Mr. Flygt and Mr. Veren a continuous video of you playing:
1. A solo piece/band piece of your choice that demonstrates your playing ability
2. Play up and down two scales of your choice (two-octaves if possible)
3. A one-octave chromatic scale (if possible)
Contact Mr. Flygt at and Mr. Veren  at if you have additional questions.

Incoming students interested in choir classes have two options for enrollment. OPTION #1: Students can enroll in Beginning Mixed Choir without an audition.  Beginning choir is appropriate for all levels of singing experience. These ensembles perform at concerts and special events. The goal of the class is to teach singing technique and sight reading and music theory skills needed to participate and succeed in higher level choir classes.  OPTION #2: Students who have experience in singing or take private lessons can audition for advanced level choir classes, such as Bel Canto Choir and Mixed Concert Choir.  Students auditioning for advanced classes can schedule an audition with Mr. Mark Carrera at, or can submit a performance video via email.  Mr. Carrera will follow-up with a phone call to ask any questions that he has for the parents and students.  Please contact Mr. Carrera with any questions.


Incoming students interested in Piano/Keyboard class have two options for enrollment.  OPTION #1: Students can enroll in a Beginning Piano/Keyboard class without an audition.  There are limited seats available for incoming students and there may not be room for all students.  OPTION #2:  Students who have experience in piano/keyboard or take private lessons can audition for Intermediate or Advanced level piano classes.  Students who want to audition for Intermediate or Advanced Piano/Keyboard class need to contact Mr. Mark Carrera at for audition and submission information.  Please email Mr. Carrera if you have any questions about piano/keyboard classes!



Students with guitar experience should contact Mr. Saltz at to set up an audition. Students who are auditioning virtually should submit a video that includes the student:

  1. playing an excerpt of a song that includes barre chords.
  2. demonstrating the open chords A, C, E, G, Am, Dm, and Em.
  3. playing down and up a blues scale of their choice.

Please contact Mr. Saltz at if you have additional questions.