Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is a time to honor and celebrate the history, accomplishments, and culture of the AAPI community. Originally a 10-day period in the first part of May beginning in 1977, AAPI Heritage Month officially became an annual month-long celebration in 1992. May is a significant month to the AAPI community as May 7, 1843 was when the first Japanese immigrants came to the US and May 10, 1869 marked the completion of the first transcontinental railroad. Chinese immigrants were the majority of workers on the railroad’s construction. Soon after, Hawaii, the Philippines (independent republic since 1946), present-day American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands were annexed to the United States, which therefore leads to the Pacific-Islander side in AAPI Heritage Month. At Lane, we use this month to honor the diversity of the AAPI community and celebrate the accomplishments of Asian Americans-Pacific Islanders that have contributed to our school, local, and national communities.

BIPOC Committee Presents: Intro to AAPI History

The BIPOC Committee was created this year to bring awareness to a variety of challenges BIPOC communities face. To celebrate AAPI Heritage month, we decided to bring light to the AAPI community and create a space to discuss recent events and hate crimes. We would like to share the May advisory presentation to provide you with information on AAPI history, current events and hate crimes, and what you can do to support the AAPI community.

BIPOC Intro to Asian American and Pacific Islander History

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Clubs, Classes, and Committees Highlighting the AAPI Community

  • BIPOC Committee

    The Lane Tech BIPOC committee is committed to listening to and creating content to benefit student learning around BIPOC student issues. These students have spent the entire year listening to their peers, collaborating with staff, and developing monthly engaging advisory lessons for staff and student education.

  • Honors South Asian Literature

    This course invites students to participate in the richness and variety of South Asian literature, and culture. The objective for this course is to introduce South Asian literature in English. By examining significant topics such as, post-colonial/imperial trauma, gender relations and inequality, sexuality, cross-cultural interaction, violence, and human rights. Writing either from the South Asian subcontinent (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka) itself or from abroad, many of the writers featured in this course have had a remarkable impact in the literary realm. This course gives students the opportunity to relate the issues and ideas they encounter in South Asian literature and history to the life of present-day South Asia.

  • Cambodian Thai Club

    As an International Days club, CTC shares the amazing cultures of Cambodia and Thailand and honors the traditional dances.

  • Chinese Club

    Chinese Club aims to bring together students of Chinese ethnicity and those who enjoy the intricate Chinese culture by promoting traditional dances.

  • National Chinese Honors Society

    The purpose of the National Chinese Honor Society is to encourage its members to become life-long learners in order to gain a better understanding of Chinese language and culture, as well as to play an active role as a contributing global citizen in the twenty-first century.

  • India Club

    India Club showcases the ethnic and traditional dances of India by participating in International Days.

  • Japanese Club

    The purpose of this club is to provide a place where all may come to learn about the intricacies of Japanese society, and celebrate Japanese culture. Through International Days and Nights, students are able to share a small piece of Japanese culture with the rest of the school through a dance.

  • Korean Club

    Korean Club enlightens the Lane Tech community about Korean culture through performance and dance.

  • Pakistani Club

    The purpose of this club is to represent the Pakistani culture through traditional Pakistani style dances to showcase during International Days. We aim to open the minds of all students in different traditions to appreciate this culture.

  • Palestinian Club

    Palestinian club is a group that presents the Palestinian culture at International Days through the traditional dance named "dabke."

  • Polynesian Club

    Polynesian club celebrates the Polynesian islands through showcasing their native dances.

  • South Asian Student Association

    The South Asian Student Association creates a sense of community for Lane’s South Asian community and advocates for representation. They are hoping to provide a place where people can come together and work towards changing something that is important to us as a group.

  • Vietnamese Club

    As an International Days club, their goal is to spread the knowledge of Vietnamese culture through Lane Tech.