Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement Overview

Lane Tech strives to provide all students with a college preparatory experience by building knowledge and skills that will ensure their success at the post-secondary level and beyond. In order to meet the needs of a diverse population of students, Lane Tech offers over 100 electives, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses. AP courses are college level courses offered during high school. These courses extend students the opportunity to build cross-curricular skills, develop critical-thinking and analytical skills, embrace discussion and debate with peers, and to explore further concepts they have only touched upon or have never considered beyond the demands of honors level classes. In most cases, your score is a weighted combination of your scores on the multiple-choice section and on the free-response section. Some AP courses, including AP Computer Science Principles, AP Research, AP Seminar, and AP Studio Art, include through-course performance tasks, either in place of or in addition to multiple-choice or free-response questions.

5 – extremely well qualified
4 – well qualified
3 – qualified
2 – possibly qualified
1 – no recommendation

“Qualified” means that the student has proven capable of doing the work of an introductory-level course in a particular subject at college. Many colleges and universities grant credit and placement for scores of 3, 4 or 5; however, each college decides which scores it will accept.

Lane Tech AP Fees

Every student in an AP class must pay the Collegeboard Exam fee for each AP class that is taken during the school year. The fee for each AP Exam is $94 (Capstone Courses are $124).  THESE EXAM FEES SHOULD BE PAID DURING QUICKSTART REGISTRATION.