Rules & Regulations

General Rules

  1. Your ID should be on at all times.
  2. Students are reminded to RESPECT themselves, others students, and staff members at all times.
  3. Bullying is NEVER allowed at Lane Tech.
  4. Students are reminded to be safe to and from school at all times.

Safety Tips Traveling to/from Lane

  1. Please be aware of your environment at all times.
  2. Take a friend when traveling each way.
  3. Make sure your parents know the route you travel.
  4. If any problems arise, please alert your parents immediately and in an emergency, contact 911.
  5. Please have your contact information accessible should a situation arise.
  6. Any questions? Contact Mr. Milsap in Rm 118.

Grading Scale

All courses use a standard, 10 point grading scale.

A – 90
B – 80
C – 70
D – 60
F – Below 60

Identification (ID) Cards

Times: 7:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Location: Door M and Main Office

To ensure the safety of all students and staff at Lane Technical College Prep High School and to prevent trespassers from entering the building, students are required to wear their current Lane Tech ID and a Lane Tech lanyard. Disciplinary action will be taken for any and all ID infractions.

  1. Each student is given an ID card at the beginning of the school year. This ID must be attached to a Lane Tech lanyard and worn around the neck on the outside of the clothing with the photo facing forward. Students must purchase the Lane Tech lanyard during Quick Start. The Ventra card is NOT your Lane Tech ID card.
  2. Students are responsible for their ID cards. A student who has lost his/her ID card should request a duplication at Door M or the Main Office between 7:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. and pay the required $5 replacement fee.
  3. Any student possessing an ID card not belonging to him or her will be disciplined.

  4. Refusing to wear an ID, falsifying an ID, or tampering with an ID card are considered serious offenses.
  5. A student must surrender his or her ID card to any staff member upon the staff members request. Failure or refusal to do so is considered a serious offense.
  6. No IOUs are given for student IDs. If a student does not have money for purchasing an ID, a debt of $5 is generated on the student’s school account and a permanent ID is given to the student.


You can contact the attendance office through the phone at (773) 534-5410.

Our fax number is (773) 868-3035.

Parental Responsibility

All students are expected to attend classes regularly and on time. Absence from school or from class is the greatest single cause of poor achievement in school. The basic responsibility for the regular attendance of the student lies with the student and parent. The State Compulsory Attendance Law specifically states that the parent is obligated to see that the child is in school.

The CPS letter to parents which explains parental responsibility is included in the Quick Start materials packet. This letter must be signed by the parent and student and submitted during our Quick Start process.

High School Promotion, Grading and Attendance Policies

Students are expected to maintain 95% attendance in order to participate in school events (dances, International Days, Prom, etc.). Students are expected to check their attendance weekly to prevent the loss of privileges. SERIOUS ILLNESS OR OTHER EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES WILL BE DEALT WITH ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS.  Students should see the attendance office to discuss specific situations.

The CPS Board high school promotion policy mandates a student with unexcused absences (cuts) in 20% or more of a core course not be passed and not earn credit for that course.

Per CPS Board policy, an absence due to any of the following reasons is deemed excused:

  • Student Illness
  • Observance of a religious holiday
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Family emergency
  • Circumstances which cause reasonable concern to the student’s safety or health (as approved by the principal)
  • Other situations beyond the control of the student (as approved by the principal)
  • In addition, the Lane school policy: Documented Accommodations (IEPs and 504) as stated in the individualized plan

Reinstatement After Absence

  1. If a student does not return to school with proper documentation about their absence, the absence will be counted as “unexcused”.
  2. A student who has missed 3+ days is required to see the attendance office for a reinstatement. The note/documentation will serve as the student’s admission to all classes. The student should ask each of his or her teachers to sign the reinstatement note and the student must return the reinstatement note to the Attendance Office in Room 118A by the end of the day even if they are missing teacher signatures. The template can be found under Rlies and Regliations under the attendance menu.
  3. Any student who has documentation for an excused absence (Doctor’s note, hospital statement, etc.) must submit the documentation to the Attendance Office as outlined by the individual teachers’ classroom grading policies.
  4. A student who is absent because of a contagious disease or another major medical reason MUST present a medical statement from a dliy licensed physician upon his or her return. A copy of the medical statement is given to the nurse in Room 116. Statements must state that the student is able to return to school.
  5. If a student will be absent three or more days, for anything other than illness, the parent should contact the counselor and teachers to obtain class work and notify the Attendance Office of the number of days the student will be out. That student must return to the Attendance Office with a parent along with a doctor note and a parent note for the absences.
  6. Parents who are unable to reinstate their student(s) should contact the attendance office and make other arrangements.
    • All absent notes must be turned in the day a student returns to school to the Attendance Office (Room 118A). Students or parents should inform teachers why they are absent from class, BUT the student is required to submit an absence note by the end of the school day (teacher signatures are not required.)
    • The online link to report absences will NOT excuse a student’s absence. However, it will send triggers to the teachers regarding the student(s) absence(s) if completed by 9:30 a.m.
    • Students must submit a signed absence note upon returning to school and the reason for the absence must fit into one of the permissible excused absence categories identified by CPS or it will remain as an unexcused absence.
    • If applicable, please attach any official documentation (medical, funeral, religious, life event, etc.) to the absence note.

Tardy to School

Students are responsible for arriving to school on time.  Students should go immediately to their respective period when arriving late to school. If a student’s tardiness to school results in missing an entire class period, that absence is considered a cut which results in disciplinary action. If a student is absent from any class for an excused reason, a parent note must be provided to the attendance office the day he student returns to school.  

Note: Students must be in class by the start of the first period bell. Repeated tardies to school will result in disciplinary action.

Tardy to Class

Students are expected to be in their classrooms ready to work when the bell signals the beginning of each period. In order to be successful in this endeavor, proper planning and preparation is essential. Students who are tardy to class will be admitted and progressively disciplined by the class teacher and school.

Excusal from Class for School Activity

Students who are excused from one or more classes to participate in an activity (field trip, assembly, concert, etc.) must secure the PERMISSION OF THE TEACHER(S) of the class(es) to be missed PRIOR to the event. Official forms or tickets of admission must be signed by the classroom teacher. A parent must sign a permit allowing the student to participate in an off- campus activity. Swimming at facilities used during any school field trip is strictly prohibited.

A teacher may refuse to allow a student to be absent from his or her class. No teacher has the right to excuse a student from another teacher’s class. The student must have the direct approval of every teacher whose class he or she will miss. If the student does not receive the teacher’s written excuse PRIOR to the missed class, the absence will be considered a “cut” and processed.

Early Dismissals

Early Dismissals are only for illness and extreme emergency. CPS does not recognize doctor appointments as excused absences. Early dismissals due to doctor appointments will not be excused except on an advance extreme case by case basis.

“Parent pickup” is required for ALL Early Dismissals (This is a CPS policy, not just a Lane policy). The student will not be given an ED unless the parent or parent’s designee listed on the student’s emergency card can be contacted. Students will be sent to door M upon the arrival of the parent and the parent must sign the electronic ED form at Door M. If the student drives to school, arrangements will need to be made for someone to come with the parent to drive the student’s car home. Leaving school without official permission will result in an unexcused absence and disciplinary action. For 7th & 8th graders and freshmen, leaving the building during the lunch period is considered leaving school without official permission and will result in an unexcused absence and disciplinary action. An early dismissal that results in a student having less than 300 minutes of instruction on a regular attendance day results in the student having a half-day (less than 300 but at least 150 minutes of instructions) or full-day of absence (less than 150 of instruction). In these cases, the student must then follow the instructions under “Reinstatement After Absence” listed at the beginning of this document.

Half Day or Full Day

An early dismissal that results in a student having less than 300 minutes of instruction on a regular attendance day results in the student have a half-day (less than 300 but at least 150 minutes of instructions, up to 3 periods) or full-day of absence (less than 150 of instruction, 4 ). In these cases, the student must then follow the instructions under “Reinstatement After Absence” listed above.

Step by Step

  1. Parents or guardians should report to Door M and inform security that they are there to pick up their student for an early dismissal.
  2. Parents must sign the electronic sign-out form at Door M, which is the only documentation required from parents for an early dismissal.
  3. Students will be called down to door M once the parent or designated adult arrives. Students who have a condition that impedes them from attending the class must be with the school nurse or attendance staff.
  4. Students are responsible for submitting any formal documentation to the attendance office (medical, formal documentation accounting for the student’s absence(s).

Student Misconduct

All students should familiarize themselves with the Chicago Public Schools Student Code of Conduct . The student who commits an act of misconduct not listed in the Student Code of Conduct is subject to the discretionary authority of the classroom teacher and the principal or designee. All students receive a copy of the Student Code of Conduct at the start of the school year.

In reviewing the Chicago Board of Education’s Student Code of Conduct, parents and students should pay particular attention to Sections 5 and 6 and its corresponding infractions. Please note that students who violate any of these infractions face mandatory expulsion proceedings.

Policy on School Behavior

Students’ conduct in school should demonstrate self-control and respect for classmates and school staff. Each student is responsible for his or her own behaviors. Students who cannot exercise self-discipline require the school to exert external controls and, if necessary, impose disciplinary actions. High standards of behavior are expected in school, at school activities, and in the community. Students may be disciplined for activities that take place on or off-campus, anytime during, before, or after regular school hours.

Use of any computer or information technology device (i.e. cell phones) to stalk, harass, or otherwise intimidate others and/or to otherwise cause a security hazard are serious infractions and will result in severe disciplinary actions. Lane Tech reserves the right to discipline and/or take legal action against any student(s) involved in any inappropriate behaviors posted on any social networking or internet sites.

Lane Tech school officials reserve the right to conduct random locker searches as necessary or warranted as stated in the Student Code of Conduct.

Dress Code

Lane Tech’s staff and students strive to create a community which does not judge people based on their dress or fashion, but which values individuality. At the same time, clothing reflects the educational environment and therefore should not be offensive, provocative, or disruptive to instruction. Students are encouraged to dress in a manner which reflects their individuality and self-expression, but which is also appropriate in an educational setting. Please note the following rules and guidelines when selecting clothing for school.

  1. Clothing which depicts or refers to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gang/cult, guns, or obscenities are never appropriate. Dress that supports or promotes any illegal substance is not allowed, including but not limited to tobacco, alcohol, controlled substance or cannabis. Clothing may not advocate or promote acts of violence, self-destruction, sexual or promiscuous behavior.
  2. Clothing which contributes to the creation of a hostile, offensive, or intimidating environment based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, gender, or sexual orientation is prohibited and students wearing such clothing will be subject to disciplinary action.
  3. Clothing which does not cover the torso from the waist to the armpit is prohibited: 
  4. No skin should be showing between the top and lower clothing garments.
  5.   Dresses, skirts and shorts must provide full coverage of the buttock area when standing or sitting.
  6. No see through leggings.
  7. Only outer clothing may be visible, with no undergarments showing.
  8. The following clothing items are prohibited or regulated in school:
  9. Hats or non-religious head coverings, including bandanas, may be worn in the classroom at the discretion of the teacher.
  10. Clothing or jewelry with spikes or other metal accessories which may damage property or harm people is prohibited.
  11. Choke chains/collars are not allowed.


The dress code at dances will be published during ticket sales for each event.

Any student who violates the dress code will be issued a demerit through the Lane Tech discipline office. Five dress code demerits will result in the loss of a Lane privilege as outlined in the demerit system. Multiple infractions may result in a parent conference.

Demerit System

The Demerit System addresses classroom discipline issues, dress code violations, tardies to school, and cuts to class. Any student who violates the dress code, is tardy to school, receives a class cut, or classroom student code of conduct will be issued a demerit through the Lane Tech discipline office. Please see the chart below outlining the demerit system.

Students marked tardy to first period will be issued 1 demerit.  Students who cut any class will be issued 2 demerits.

**Please remember that all absences must be submitted the day you return to school. If submitted late, demerits will not be removed.

5 demerits = Students will receive a before or after school detention.  *Students may remove 3 demerits for serving their detention; Failure to serve the detention will result in the doubling of demerit and a reassigned detention.  If a student misses 2 detention assignments, he/she/they will be issued a Saturday Academy.   If a Saturday Academy is missed, parents must come in for a conference.

10 = Student cannot attend the homecoming dance, Spring Fling, or other school dance; seniors also cannot attend Oktoberfest; Students will also receive a before or after school detention.  *Students may remove 3 demerits for serving their detention.  Failure to serve the detention will result in the assignment of a Saturday Academy and additional demerits.

15 = Student cannot attend or participate in international days/nights; Students must also serve a Saturday Academy.  Failure to serve the Academy will result in additional demerits and/or in-school suspension.

20 = Student cannot be a date at prom or, for seniors, cannot attend prom or senior luncheon, etc.; Student will become ineligible to participate playing in athletic events, performing in fine arts performances, or overall extra-curricular events; A parent conference will be held which will result in 5 demerits being removed.

25 = Underclassmen have 5 demerits that carry over to next school year; A parent conference will be held which will result in 5 demerits being removed.

There will be progressive discipline for students who do not serve their assigned detention.

Demerit Reduction Opportunities

  1. Students may attend Academic Tutoring and have 3 demerits removed for each session attended.  *Students may attend up to 3 tutoring sessions per quarter.
  2. Students may serve a closed campus lunch in the student lunchroom and remove 3 demerits.  This can only happen 1 time per quarter.
  3. Students may serve additional  before or after school detentions after the first assigned detention and remove 3 demerits per serving.  This can only happen 1 time per quarter.
  4. Students may serve a Saturday Academy and remove 5 demerits.  This can only happen 1 time per quarter.
  5. Although demerits may be reduced, once a student is assigned discipline for demerits, he or she must complete the discipline assignment.

Conduct in Corridors

Lane Tech High School is your family and community. We hope that you, like most good citizens of the community, will comply with the rules and procedures designed to facilitate movement through the hallways. Such actions as yelling, screaming, displaying intimate affection, and obstructing traffic are inappropriate at school.

Students may enter the building and go to their lockers at 7:35 a.m., before classes begin. Students who arrive to school early may take a seat in the lunchroom before the first period entrance bell rings. Students must change in and out of their gym attire in the locker rooms only. Students who use the hallways or washrooms for this purpose are subject to disciplinary action.

Students must change in and out of their gym attire in the locker rooms only. Students who use the hallways or washrooms for this purpose are subject to disciplinary action.

Students are not to leave their seats in their classrooms until released by their teachers. Four minutes are allowed between periods for passing from Room to Room. Students in the halls after the tardy bell has rung are subject to disciplinary action. This includes going to and coming from lunch.

To minimize disruptions to after-school programs, students should promptly proceed to their lockers after their last class of the day, get their coats and books and leave the building and campus.

Corridor Passes

Students are not allowed in the corridors during class periods without a teacher’s pass and their student ID. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a pass prior to leaving a classroom, office, etc. Handwritten notes must state the name of the student and his or her division code, the date, the time, the place from where the student came, and the destination. All handwritten corridor passes MUST BE IN INK and include the signature of the teacher issuing the pass. Students wishing to go to their locker during a class period must obtain a pass to Room 118A only. Room 118A will issue a locker pass.

Faculty members or security may stop a student at any time and ask to see the pass or the student ID. Students must comply with the request. Students found in the halls without a pass or student ID after the tardy bell has rung are subject to disciplinary action. These regulations will be enforced during class periods as well as lunch periods.


Marking on or vandalizing the property of others is a crime and the student who participates in such an activity shows a lack of self-control and disrespect for the property of others. The removal of graffiti is expensive and time consuming. Money that is spent on the removal of vandalism is money that could have been used for a more positive educational enterprise.

Consequently, students are not allowed to have in their possession any device or tool commonly associated with defacing property. These materials include “magic markers,” spray paint, and shoe polish daubers, to name a few. Students may use such devices only under the supervision and direction of an art teacher. Violations of the rules of possession of these articles will result in disciplinary action.

Anyone defacing school property will be automatically suspended and be required to pay for the clean up and restoration of the defaced property. The student will be subject to arrest by the police authorities.

Lunchroom Regulations

Lane maintains a cafeteria for the benefit of the student body. A complete breakfast and lunch is served every day. You may bring your own lunch from home and eat it in the lunchroom if you wish to do so. If you bring your lunch, you must leave it in your locker until your lunch period. Food or beverages of any kind are not permitted in the classrooms, the halls, or their equivalent. All food is to be consumed in the lunchroom.

Lunchroom misconduct will not be tolerated. Disorderly conduct, fighting, throwing of food or objects, and table pounding may result in arrest and/or disciplinary action.

  1. Lane Tech freshmen are on closed campus for first semester. Freshmen must eat their lunch in the lunchroom. Freshmen who violate this rule are subject to disciplinary action.  If the class of 2024 maintains a 97% on track passing rate and attendance first semester, they will be granted semester 2 off campus lunch privileges.   UPPERCLASSMEN WHO ABUSE THE PRIVILEGE OF GOING OUT TO LUNCH (by not leaving the building in a timely manner) WILL BE REQUIRED TO EAT IN THE CAFETERIA.
  2. Enter the lunchroom in a quiet, orderly manner with your ID clearly visible. Entrance to the lunchroom is through the interior corridors only.
  3. Avoid bringing books and/or newspapers into the lunchroom because tables become crowded and accidents can occur. Jackets should not be worn in the lunchroom.
  4. There are no reserved seats.
  5. Food purchased in the lunchroom must be eaten there.
  6. If you buy food and/or drinks at an outside facility, you are not to bring it into the lunchroom. Eat and drink where you made your purchase. STUDENTS ARE NOT TO BRING FOOD OR BEVERAGES INTO THE BUILDING.
  7. Because of fire regulations, aisles must be kept clear. Only eight chairs to a table, four on each side, are allowed.
  8. After eating your lunch, remove your dishes and trays. Put all refuse in trash cans. The last student at each table is responsible for removing any dishes, trays, or debris left at the table. Students who do not clean their table will be disciplined.
  9. You may return to your table or leave the lunchroom by the southeast (Exit 7) exit. If you decide to go outside, you must remain there until the end of the period. If you remain in the lunchroom, exit through doors 3 or 7 and reenter the building through doors A, D, J, L, or M.
    NOTE: Freshmen may not leave the lunchroom until the end of the period.
  10. If a fire alarm is sounded, students MUST evacuate the lunchroom even if their lunch has not been eaten. You may not take any food from the lunchroom.
  11. Cards and games of chance and gambling are not allowed.


Hazing is the harassment and/or humiliation of a person or persons. Hazing will not be tolerated, on or off campus. Students who engage in this type of activity will be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension and expulsion and will lose the privilege to compete in sports or extracurricular activities.


Students must obtain a pass from their classroom teacher to use the washroom during class time. Students are expected to help maintain the cleanliness of washroom facilities. Any student responsible for defacing the walls or for any other act of vandalism will be subject to disciplinary action. The student may be:

  1. Charged for the repairs.
  2. Referred to the Bureau of Plant Control of the Board of Education for possible legal action.
  3. Subject to an out of school suspension and arrest.

NOTE: Washrooms are not to be used for changing in and out of gym attire, making phone calls, texting, etc.

Banned Items

Below is a partial list that is considered inappropriate paraphernalia or dress for students at Lane Tech. The list is not intended to be comprehensive. Any device, apparel or behavior that is disruptive to the instructional program or to the safety or health of the student body is to be kept out of the school building.

  1. Magic markers, spray paint, shoe polish daubers and other media commonly associated with the application of graffiti.
  2. Hats or other head coverings.
  3. Jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, and any other article of clothing that:
    1. shows or signifies affiliation with any organization other than those sanctioned by the school.
    2. shows vulgar, abusive or suggestive language or pictures.
  4. Any type of gambling and gambling devices.
  5. Weapons that could be deemed dangerous to the student body. This includes box cutters, knives, etc.
  6. Alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia.

All inappropriate items will be confiscated and sent to the Discipline Office. A parent must come to school to retrieve the confiscated material. Any materials that are confiscated and not claimed by a parent will be donated to charity or will be disposed of in some other appropriate manner.

School Policy on Plagiarism and Cheating

Plagiarism is defined as copying work that is not your own and taking credit for its creation. It includes downloading research papers from the Internet, buying papers from a commercial source, copying articles from the web or other databases, copying work from other students, cutting and pasting together text from several sources, faking citations, or quoting less than all the words copied to change the tone or style of the source. Cheating occurs when students copy homework, papers, or exam answers from other students and submit the work as their own. Both plagiarism and cheating will result in zero credit for the work for all students involved in the unauthorized activity and may also result in disciplinary action. All students must sign the Academic Integrity Policy form and advanced placement students must sign the additional Advanced Placement Integrity Policy Form.

Cell Phone Policy

Use of cell phones in the building during school hours (6 a.m.-3:15 p.m.) is strictly limited to texting or screen viewing during non-classroom times. Students may use their cell phones for instructional purposes in the classroom at the discretion of the classroom teacher. This does not include charging phones during class time. Students must wear their ID while using a cell phone. Students are not allowed to use cell phones on their ways to the washroom during a class period. No students may talk on their phones in the building until after 3:15 p.m. Phones must be kept on silent. Students in violation of the cell phone policy will be disciplined. The first violation will result in confiscation of the cell phone. Students can pick up phones during their lunch period or after school in the respective deans office. To ensure that important announcements and emergency messages are received, cell phone privileges are contingent on registration during Quick Start.

Definition of Discipline Action Terms

SATURDAY DETENTION: Five hours, Saturday morning, 8:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. Detentions are assigned by personnel in the Attendance and Discipline Offices.

P.M. DETENTION: In some cases a student will be assigned after school detention.

LUNCHROOM DETENTION: Students who are repeatedly late returning to the building after open campus lunch will be assigned on-campus lunch for a period to be determined by the Discipline Office.

SUSPENSION (OUT OF SCHOOL): For serious offenses outlined in the Chicago Board of Education’s Uniform Discipline Code, a student may be suspended temporarily by the Principal for a period not to exceed ten school days for each offense. This action is handled by the Discipline Office. During any suspension the student may not attend class, participate in school activities, or visit the school grounds. Students found on the premises will be arrested for trespassing.

EXPULSION: Whenever a student is guilty of gross disobedience, misconduct or criminal activity, he or she may be expelled from school by the Chicago Board of Education. The parents or guardian will be requested to appear before a hearing officer to discuss the pupil’s behavior. See sections 5 and 6 of the Uniform Discipline Code for CPS policy and zero tolerance offenses.

Respect for Lane Students, Staff, and Campus

Lane is fortunate in having a beautiful 30 acre campus for students and staff to use. Over 4500 individuals share the building and grounds. All members of the Lane “community” are expected to take an active role in making sure the building, parking lot and grounds remain clean for all to enjoy.

Parking Lot Procedures and Regulations

The following rules govern student parking in the school’s parking lot. Students violating these rules are subject to disciplinary action.

  1. Students are NOT to be dropped off or picked up on the driveways or in the parking lot. The volume of pedestrian traffic to our building makes this practice unsafe for all.
  2. Students are not permitted to return to their cars during the school day unless they have written permission from the discipline office or are personally escorted by a teacher. Students are not permitted to drive during lunch regardless if students parked in the school lot or in the neighborhood.
  3. Any car parked illegally will be ticketed by the Chicago police officer on duty. No cars are to be parked in posted “NO PARKING” areas such as fire lanes, aisles, handicapped spaces, auto shop parking areas, or visitor parking areas.
  4. All teachers and students using the parking lot must have a parking sticker affixed to the windshield. The parking lot is NOT a thoroughfare. A rigorous selection process will be used to determine those students who will be eligible to receive parking stickers. Those students who are selected for and issued stickers will be charged a fee for parking lot maintenance.
  5. Student parking includes the first seven rows west of Western Avenue. Student parking is confined solely to this area. A demarcation line on the parking lot pavement and a sign at the south end of the lot separates the student from faculty parking. Faculty parking is to the west of the student parking.