Course Catalog

School Year 2020-2021 Course Selection Information

Course requests are scheduled to begin in February with the first group of juniors. Students will receive their group number in an email sent out the week of February 3rd. When your window opens, you will be able to log onto the course registration site and choose courses. The tentative schedule is as follows (based on total credits):
  • Juniors:
    • Group 1- February 6th- February 9th
    • Group 2- February 13th- February 16th
    • Group 3- February 20th- February 23rd
    • Group 4- February 27th- March 1st
  • Sophomores: March 5th
    • Group 5- March 3rd- March 5th
    • Group 6- March 5th- March 8th
    • Group 7- March 12th- March 15th
    • Group 8- March 19th- March 22th
  • Freshmen: March 30th
    • Group 9- March 23rd- March 24th
    • Group 10- March 25th- March 26th
    • Group 11- March 27th- March 28th
  • LTAC: March 5th

Course requests will be processed in order of Semester 1 grades. Make sure you select your courses carefully and submit your request during your assigned time frame. If you miss your assigned time frame, you will be able to request courses during the next time frame but will lose your "earlier group" priority. Before submitting your course request, verify that you meet the requirements for the courses and that they follow the suggested curriculum that puts you on track for graduation. This information can be found on the Curriculum page. Courses being offered next school year can be found on the Course Catalog page. Submitting your online course request does not guarantee enrollment.  Once you select your courses, you will be prompted to answer a few additional questions and complete additional paperwork (also found attached to this email).  You will be REQUIRED to meet with your counselor to confirm course selection.  You will receive an email confirmation of your selected courses and a predetermined date and time to meet with your counselor.  You MUST be prepared for this meeting or else your course requests will not be held and you will have to wait until the next group of selection. For the Counselor meeting you will need:

Students wishing to complete a waiver should review the attached form and complete the following steps: PE Individual Student Waiver Form - English
  • Complete the form online
  • The form must be submitted online with your course requests.  The completed PDF will be attached to the email confirming your course requests.
  • Download and print the attachment from your confirmation email
  • Print generated PDF attached to your confirmation email.  If you made an error or no longer require a waiver, please notify your counselor via email.
  • Submit the form and any required documentation during scheduled counselor meeting date/time.  Note: You DO NOT need to obtain a signature from the Athletic Director.  Rosters of students who participated in an IHSA sport during the current school year are on file.

Computer Science
  • Honors Intro to Artificial Intelligence
  • Latin American Literature
  • LTAC Academy
  • Alpha Honors Geometry
  • Regular Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry
  • Honors Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry
  • AP Calculus AB
  • Regular Pre-Calculus
  • Honors Beginning Orchestra
  • Honors Intermediate Orchestra
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Chemistry
  • Honors Chemistry
  • Honors Biology

The following courses have limited seats available for Course Selection. Remaining Seats are listed below.
HS1 Art Film Studies I (CLOSED)
HS1 Art Film Studies II (CLOSED)
HS1 Adv Textile Fiber Art I (CLOSED)
HS1 Printmaking I (CLOSED)
HS1 Digital Imaging I (CLOSED)
HS1 Creative Arts Studio I (CLOSED)
HS1 Photography (CLOSED)
HS1 Studio Sculpture I (CLOSED)
HS1 Mixed Media-Illustrator (CLOSED)
HS1 Printmaking II (3)
HS1 Adv Textile Fiber Art II (4)
HS1 Metalsmithing (CLOSED)
HS1 Contemporary Painting (CLOSED)
HS1 Drawing and Painting (I/II/III) (CLOSED)
HS1 Ceramic I/II (CLOSED)
AP Art History (CLOSED)
Computer Science
HS1 Software App II: Portfolio (CLOSED)
HS1 Civil Action through CS (CLOSED)
HS1 Microarchitecture Logic Design (CLOSED)
HS1 Intro to Artificial Intelligence (CLOSED)
HS1 Introduction to Cybersecurity (CLOSED)
HS1 Makers Lab (CLOSED)
HS1 Software App I (CLOSED)
HS1 Introduction to Philosophy in Literature (CLOSED)
HS1 Literary Activism (CLOSED)
​HS1 Journalism-Newspaper I (CLOSED)
HS1 Creative Writing (CLOSED)
HS1 Latin American Literature (CLOSED)
HS1 Writing Center Instructors (CLOSED)
HS1 Women in Literature (CLOSED)
HS1 South Asian Literature (CLOSED)
HS1 Business & Marketing Communications- Sports 1 (CLOSED)
HS1 Journalism-Yearbook (CLOSED)
HS1 Journalism-Newspaper (CLOSED)
HS1 Advertising Communications- Sports 2 (CLOSED)
HS1 Beginning Piano  (CLOSED)
HS1 Advanced Guitar I and II (CLOSED)
HS1 Music Theory (CLOSED)
HS1 Music Therapy (CLOSED)
HS1 Sound Engineering (CLOSED)
HS1 PE Leaders (CLOSED)
HS1 Dance (CLOSED)
AP Physics C (CLOSED)
HS1 Forensic Science (CLOSED)
HS1 Horticulture (CLOSED)
HS1 Genetics (CLOSED)
HS1 Zoology (CLOSED)
HS1 Astrochemistry (CLOSED)
HS1 Neuroscience (CLOSED)
HS1 Aerospace (CLOSED)
HS1 Engineering Design (CLOSED)
HS1 Aquaponics (CLOSED)
HS1 Astronomy (CLOSED)
HS1 Robotics (CLOSED)
HS1 Environmental Science (CLOSED)
AP Environmental Science (CLOSED)
Social Science
AP Microeconomics (CLOSED)
AP Macroeconomics (CLOSED)
AP Psychology (CLOSED)