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Welcome, Lane Tech Parents!

If you have any questions about your child’s academic performance, please reach out to his/her teacher and/or counselor. If you have any additional questions or concerns about the curriculum, program, or your child’s teacher, please contact the appropriate assistant principal.

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Contact information for Lane Tech’s assistant principals.

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Contact information for Lane Tech’s teachers.

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Contact information for Lane Tech’s counselors.


For more information about contacting your child’s teacher, request a copy of the class syllabus or visit the teacher’s website.

Attendance Policies

Please click here to view our remote learning attendance policies.

Report An Absence Online

Please click here to report an absence online.

Official Absence Note

Please click here for a copy of the official absence note.

Demerit System

The Demerit System addresses dress code violations, tardies to school, and class cuts. Any student who violates the dress code is tardy to school, or receives a class cut (unexcused absence), will be issued a demerit through our Demerit Coordinator. Continued negligence will lead to progressive discipline including Saturday Academy, A.M./P.M. Detention, In-School Suspension, etc. Continued improvement will lead to positive recognition. Please see the chart below outlining the demerit system.

Students who are tardy to first period past 8:00 a.m. will be issued 1 Demerit. Students who cut first period will be issued 2 Demerits. Students who cut a class during periods 2-8 will be issued 1 Demerit. Students who are tardy at least 3 times to the same class will be issued 1 Demerit.

**Please remember that all absences must be submitted the day you return to school. If submitted late, demerits will not be removed.

5 Demerits = After School Detention

*If a student is assigned detention by Lane Tech and they serve the detention, we will have three demerits removed for that detention. This is a one time removal option and cannot be applied to multiple served detentions.

10 Demerits = Student cannot attend the homecoming dance, Turn About, or other school dance; seniors also cannot attend Oktoberfest

15 Demerits = Student cannot attend or participate in international days/nights

20 Demerits = Student cannot be a date at prom or, for seniors, cannot attend prom or senior luncheon, etc.

25+ Demerits = Underclassmen have 5 demerits that carry over to next school year

Demerit Reduction Opportunities

Serve the Assigned After School Detention: 3 Demerits removed.This is a one time removal option and cannot be applied to multiple served detentions.

Attend a Tutoring Session: 3 Demerits removed. Students may not attend more than 4 times throughout the year for demerit removal.

95%-96.99% Attendance Rate: Half of the Demerits will be removed Quarterly

97% and Above Attendance Rate: ALL Demerits will be removed Quarterly

**Students with 20 or more demerits are eligible for a special demerit reduction plan. Please contact Ms Arroyo in room 212 set up a Reduction Plan.

Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage you to volunteer in the building!

In order to volunteer, however, you must complete the CPS Volunteer Process. The application website is listed here:

If you have questions about the status of your volunteer application, please contact Edwina Thompson (  or Miriam Santana (

If you are a parent and are interested in learning more about volunteering at Lane Tech, please contact our Friends of Lane  Parent Volunteer Coordinator Vanessa Jones (

After School and Saturday Tutoring

Lane Tech offers free tutoring after school and on Saturdays in all subject areas. Students are tutored by Lane Tech Staff members. Click here to view the tutoring schedule.

For information about a specific teacher’s tutoring hours, contact them or visit the teacher’s class webpage.

Local School Council

Please visit our new website that that contains all of the information you need regarding the Local School Council at:

Friends of Lane

What a powerful group this can be! The “Friends of Lane” is looking for members and volunteers. We are dedicated to supporting programs and activities for students and teachers at Lane Tech High School. All funds raised from our events will go directly back to the school. We invite you and welcome you to join us!

Please visit our new website that that contains all of the information you need regarding the Friends of Lane at: