Reporting Absences

How do I report and excuse my student’s absence?

To report a full day absence and/or late arrival, please choose one of the following:

  1. Excuse an absence through Parent Portal (see information below) **Full Day Absences Only**
  2. Submit an absence note via this link
  3. Call the attendance office (773-534-5410) before 9:30am and leave a detailed voicemail with the student’s name, ID#, and reason for the absence.
  4. Have your student visit the main office for a hard copy of the absence note, sign it, and return it to the main office within two weeks of the date of the absence.

**For early dismissals, please visit our Early dismissal page. (All early dismissals require a parent pick-up and sign-out at Door M to be excused and cannot be excused through any of the methods listed above).


Reporting an Absence Made Easy

An exciting new feature to Aspen Parent Portal has arrived! E-Absence will allow parents and guardians to submit and track your student’s absences online. That means no more making last-minute phone calls or completing paper forms.

E-Absence joins a lineup of features that are already available on the Aspen Parent Portal to manage your student’s school experience. Sign in to your account at ASPEN.CPS.EDU for features including:

  • Checking Assignments

  • Viewing Grades

  • Tracking Attendance

  • Paying Fees

To access Parent Portal, you must:

  • Be listed as a contact for your student in the Student Information System.

  • Have a valid email in the student’s contact records.

  • Request and submit the validation code sent via email.

Don’t have an account? Please fill out the form at You can also learn more at


Link to Lane’s Absence Percentage Calendar & Demerit Excusal Dates