Service Learning

Service Learning Definition

Chicago Public Schools identifies service-learning as a teaching strategy that connects classroom curriculum with service projects. Service-learning engages students in projects that serve the community while building social, civic, and academic skills. Service-learning is a pedagogical strategy, not an outcome. Service-learning is an opportunity for students to learn 21st century skills through project development, implementation, and reflection: Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, and Creativity. Research demonstrates when students participate in high quality service-learning we see positive academic, social/emotional, and civic outcomes.

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CPS Graduation Requirement – Class of 2020 and beyond

Students entering Lane Tech school 2016-2017 and beyond must complete two Service Learning Projects to fulfill CPS graduation requirements, one of these projects MUST be integrated within the Civics course or AP Government.

Lane Tech has integrated multiple Service Learning Projects in many courses as part of the course curriculum.  Currently, there are projects in Biology, Chemistry, English I, and English II.  Students who enroll in these courses will complete a Service Learning Project fulfilling the CPS graduation requirement.  Students will also take a civics course or AP Government to fulfill the second project requirement.

CPS no longer requires Service Learning Hours for graduation.  These should be completed for students who would like to apply for National Honor Society or other various scholarships.  For the individual service learning hours only, students should obtain, complete, and submit a service-learning form to the College and Career Center.