Black Heritage Month

Black Heritage Month, also known as Black or African American History Month, is a time of year when we highlight, promote, and celebrate the accomplishments, achievements, and feats of national, local, and school community members who identify as Black Americans. The initial inception of a weeklong celebration of Black American achievement in 1926 shifted to a month long celebration during the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the man behind the movement, made it his life’s work to educate African Americans about the accomplishments of their ancestors. At Lane, we utilize this month to commemorate the lives and sacrifices of Black Americans who have contributed to our school, local, and national communities. Typically during the school year, we highlight Black culture through our annual B.A.M.M. ( Black Americans Making Moves) Celebration, but since we are virtual, be on the lookout for virtual throwback performances!

Lane Tech Black Student Association Presents: Notable Black Alumni Spotlight

“Remembering the Honor of Lane”


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Fritz Pollard

Mr. Frederick Douglass “Fritz” Pollard is a class of 1912 alumnus who was also a three- sport athlete- football, baseball, and track. He attended Brown University where he was the first Black quarterback. He later became the first Black quarterback and first Black head coach in the NFL which contributed to his posthumous induction into the NFL Hall of fame in 2005. He also started his own football team- The Brown Bombers. In Addition to his noteworthy athletic feats, Mr. Pollard was a producer, writer, entrepreneur, and most importantly, an advocate for equal treatment. The Lane Tech Alumni Association is currently sponsoring an tremendous effort to name the field at Lane Stadium after Mr. Pollard. The Lane Tech Alumni Association has created a presentation outlining this effort and more importantly, the life of Mr. Pollard. Please contact them at to offer support towards this notable endeavor. We honor the life and legacy of Mr. Pollard!

For a more detailed overview of Mr.Pollard's life and accomplishments please click here to view an article presented by the Lane Tech Alumni Association.

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Clubs, Classes, and Committees Committed to Highlighting Black Culture

  • BIPOC Advisory Committee

    The Lane Tech BIPOC committee is committed to listening to and creating content to benefit student learning around BIPOC student issues. These students have spent the entire year listening to their peers, collaborating with staff, and developing monthly engaging advisory lessons for staff and student education.

  • Black Revolutionary Literature

    African American Literature highlights the Black American experience from the Middle Passage (Equiano/the slave narrative) to contemporary America (Tupac/rap lyrics). The novels, song lyrics, poems, plays, films, and short stories covered in this class reflect the courageous spirit of the many Black revolutionaries who attempted to change the world through their art. During the school year, students will examine, critique and analyze these revolutionary artists and their works, paying close attention to those pieces that emphasized historical trials and triumphs. In addition, we celebrate modern dance by taking a field trip each spring to the Auditorium Theatre to see the world renowned Alvin Ailey Dance Group. African American Literature provides students with an opportunity to study the beautiful, soulful, sometimes downtrodden, but always triumphant, great works of Black American artists.

  • Black Student Association

    The Lane Tech Black Student Association is committed to providing a safe space for all students to gather, collaborate, and celebrate issues and feats concerning Black Americans. This group meets weekly to discuss ways to uplift, educate, and challenge students and our school community in topics related to the celebration of Black culture. The BSA participates in Lane’s International Days, offers services to local school communities, and plans various collaborative educational events. Serving as a pillar in our building for more than four decades, the BSA is not just a club; it is an anchor for our school community.

  • Gospel Choir

    The Lane Tech Gospel Choir is a club that studies, sings, and celebrates Gospel music, artists, and culture. Founded in the mid-1980s at Lane Tech, the Gospel Choir has been a consistent source of providing joy throughout our school. From early morning practices to late in the evening performances, these talented students are dedicated to ensuring that Gospel music lives on in our school community. Their soul-stirring performances coupled with their capacity for leadership has been their anchor. Whether 100 or 10 members strong, their joyful and powerful voices ring throughout our building!

  • Hip Hop Nation

    Hip Hop Nation was founded at Lane by a group of students who shared a common passion for Hip Hop music, dancing, messaging, and artists. Serving as a premier dance team in our building, their performances always leave onlookers wanting for more. To them, Hip Hop Nation is more than a performance club; they believe in the message behind the music- the empowerment of Black culture. Often imitated but never duplicated, this group of students is committed to giving the time, energy, and passion necessary for uplifting Black culture.

  • Sigma Sigma ETA Step Team

    Sigma Sigma Eta, Lane Tech’s proud step team was formed in 2006 initially as a sisterhood, similar to sororities founded at Historical Black Colleges and Universities. It has since expanded to a gender-neutral step team who gathers to celebrate the culture of stepping. Spending countless hours practicing and perfecting routines, Sigma Sigma ETA never disappoints its onlookers. They are a competitive high school stepping team who is unmatched in their skill and precision. Watch out for the Blue and White as you will never be the same after one of their performances!