Diverse Learners – IEPs, Inclusion & 504 Plans

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Every year as part of its incoming freshman class, Lane Tech accepts a number of students with disabilities of varying degrees. Within the school’s rigorous and challenging academic environment, staff in the Diverse Learners Department works to ensure that students with disabilities are integrated with the student body at large to the greatest extent possible, with the optimum opportunity for success.

Who We Serve

Students with Individual Education Programs (IEPs) receive a variety of services: collaborative team teaching in core subject areas, occupational prep. periods, after-school tutoring, test accommodations, assistance with organizational skills, among others.

Students with 504 Plans can be eligible for accommodations in the general education setting depending on the nature of their disability/medical condition/psychological diagnosis.

At Lane, diverse learners have the opportunity to pursue myriad academic goals—in addition to our Core curriculum, we also offer concentrations in Music, Art, and Computer Science, as well as Alpha and Omega Honors programs for those who qualify. Lane prides itself on its numerous after-school clubs designed to meet the interests of our diverse student body, in addition, we offer other extracurriculars that include sports, theater, band, and more.

For more information regarding Diverse Learners, IEPs, and 504 Plan, visit https://cps.edu/diverselearners/Pages/home.aspx

If you have questions regarding Diverse Learners services at Lane Tech contact:

David Yaffe
773-534-5666 (voice)
773-534-5544 (fax)