LSC Agenda for 10-15-20

LSC Agenda for 10-15-20

Lane Tech High School Local School Council

Notice is hereby given that a Virtual Lane Tech LSC meeting has been called for 

Thursday, October 15th at 6:30, or when the LSC Candidate Forum

Via zoom



1.  Call Meeting to Order

2.  Roll Call

3.  Approve Agenda

4.  Approve old minute(s)

5.  Public Participation                                                      2 minutes each

If you want to submit a question or statement before meeting (HIGHLY SUGGESTED) please email Subject line Lane October LSC.  Chat will be off, but we will have the “raise your hand” option

6.  Reports:

a.  Principal

b.  PPLC

c.  Symbol Naming committee

d.  Friends of Lane

e.  Alumni Association

7.   New Business:

a.  Check approvals

b.  Fundraiser approvals

8.  Old Business

a.  Symbol

b.  Safety

9.   Announcements

10.  Adjournment

LSC Candidate Forum 6:00

Emily Haite
Catherine Ashlaw-Doherty
Matthew Beaudet
Anne Lokken
Claudia Muniz
Laura Symons
Patricia O’Keefe
Benjamin Wong
Kirsten Brandt

Maureen Georg

Ana Borja-Scales