Symbol Announcement

Symbol Announcement

Dear Lane Community–

We are excited to officially announce our new symbol will be the Champions! As we embark on this new phase in Lane Tech’s history, we are asking the community to join in collaborating with us on what it means to be a Lane Tech Champion. 

The definition of a champion from states the following:

  1. a winner of first prize or first place in competition
  2. one who shows marked superiority
  3. a militant advocate or defender
  4. A warrior or fighter
  5. one that does battle for another’s rights or honor

Utilizing the dictionary definitions or your own reflection on what it means to be a champion, how might we officially define a Lane Tech Champion?  

We are asking our community to submit phrases or statements help define a Lane Tech Champion.  We will then summarize those thoughts to create a definition which will help with our next phase…the symbol design!

During spirit week this year (9/6-9/9), we will open our Symbol Design Contest to the community. This will be open to students, staff, parents, and alumni. Our goal will be to have a final design (with the community voting) by the end of the first semester. More details to come. 

For now, please provide us with your thoughts on the meaning of a Lane Tech Champion. We hope you will take into consideration our school’s history, pride, our student body makeup, and our unfailing theme of being proud, fearless and bold!

If you would like to contribute your thoughts, please fill out the form here by 8/30/22.