Symbol Design Contest

Symbol Design Contest


Lane Tech College Prep


The purpose of this competition is to design a logo for the newly adopted Lane Tech symbol, the Champions. The logo may be used in all media – including online, print, on merchandise and other visual collateral. 

What it means to be a Lane Tech Champion

Based on a survey of students, staff, faculty, alumni, and parents, the following are qualities of Lane Tech Champions:

[just, determined, respect, protects, compassionate, hardworking, competitive, courageous, honorable, creative, pursues greatness, hopeful, fights, challenges, bold, strong, true, leads, honors, resilient]

Please use these qualities to help inspire your design.

Official Competition Rules

  1. To be eligible, each entrant must be a currently registered student, faculty or staff member, parent, or alumni (individuals or teams of up to two). Individuals or teams may submit no more than two entries (a separate Entry Form must accompany each submission).  
  2. All submitted work must be the original work of the entrant(s) and must not include, be based on, or derived from any pre-existing or third-party designs, trademarks, or copyrighted images.  
  3. All entries will become the property of Lane Tech College Prep High School. By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees that any and all intellectual property rights in the logo design are deemed assigned to Lane Tech College Prep High School.  
  4. Except where prohibited by law, an entry submission into this contest constitutes permission to use the winner’s name, likeness, and information provided on the entry form for publicity purposes, without further permission or compensation.  
  5. Lane Tech College Prep High School reserves the right to modify the winning logo to better fit the needs of the Initiative.  
  6. The decisions of the Selection Committee will be final.  

Logo Design Requirements

Create a logo design in one of the following forms: 

  • Digital Art saved in the form of .jpeg, .psd or PDF formats 
  • Full color sketch

*Contestants are encouraged to refer to Lane Tech color guidelines:

  • Myrtle (Pantone 2411C, RGB 28,66,32)
  • Gold (Pantone 143 CP, RGB 240,179,54)

The selected winner must submit a scalable vector version of the winning design (or work with a Lane Tech art faculty member to transform a drawn design into digital form) so that it is adaptable to electronic and print media, to reproduction on small and large surfaces, and to use in color or in grayscale. 

Submit your Entry

Complete this entry form and attach your design by October 5, 2022.

Selection Criteria 

A Selection Committee comprised of Lane Tech administrators will evaluate all entries based on the following criteria (though other criteria may be considered):  

  • Relevance – Does the entry align with the qualities of a Lane Tech Champion? 
  • Originality – Does the composition exhibit original design, creativity, and imagination?  
  • Aesthetic Quality – Does the submission command attention? Does it display visual balance and color coordination? Do all the elements work together to create a unified and appealing design? 

After the Selection Committee narrows the final submissions, a survey will be sent to Lane students, faculty, and staff to vote on the final design.

*The Selection Committee reserves the right not to select a winner, if in its sole discretion, no suitable entries are received.