Music Kudos!

7 Lane Tech musicians were selected to perform in the District 1 Illinois Music Educators Association Festival. Hundreds of students from all over the Chicagoland area submitted auditions and the following students were accepted:

Patrick Spera, Trombone (9th grade)
Charles Metzgar-Rugg, Trombone (10th grade)
Andrew Albright, Cello (12th grade)
Sadie Park, Viola (9th grade)
Shumei Gong, Percussion (12th grade)
Seamus Moore, Jazz Tenor Sax (12th grade)
Luka Vodopic, Jazz Piano (12th grade)

From the district festival, the top students on each instrument were selected for the All-State festival. Luka Vodopic was selected as one of five jazz pianists in the state to perform at the Jazz Festival this January.

The music department is extremely proud of all of these students!