Finisher Sheet – Driver Ed

The Illinois State Board of Education in conjunction with the Illinois Secretary of States office has issued the following concerning Driver Education Completion Certificates:

Students finishing the entire Driver Education Program (30 classroom hours, 4 range hours, and 6 Behind The Wheel hours) will be able to go to the Secretary of State facility for their driver license 2 WEEKS after completion.

Students are encouraged to check their status before going to the Secretary of States office. They can do so at and follow prompts through the Student/Parent tab, click “D“, then go to Driver Education Student License Inquiry. All students are required to hold their permits for 9 months and 1 day from the time their permit was issued.

Students are required to being the following to the Secretary of State Office:

  • Permit
  • Car with proof of insurance or Waiver
  • 50 Hour Sheet filled out
  • Birth Certificate and Social Security card
  • Must be 16 and have permit for 9 months and 1 day
  • Parent with ID
  • Students must have proof of residency (2 pieces). Ex. a piece of mail, report card or transcript with their current address on it.