Rules & Regulations

The following is a list of rules and regulations for the students taking Driver Education at Lane Technical College Prep High School. These rules are designed for efficient teaching and safety of Driver Education. Those who do not comply with all the rules will be dropped from the program.

  1. No smoking on school ground
  2. Be on time (ten minutes before class begins for after school classes)
  3. Absences are not allowed in case of an emergency contact your instructor.
  4. Do not enter driver ed building unless the instructor is with you.
  5. Keep washrooms, simulator room, and classroom free of garbage and graffiti.
  6. Use proper door for entrance and exit.
  7. Eating and/or drinking are not allowed in the building or cars.
  8. While waiting outside the building keep clear of cars.
  9. Wear shoes that cover the entire foot (no sandals)
  10. All electronic devices must be turned off during the entire session.
  11. Guests/visitors/relatives may not wait inside the building.
  12. When cars are in motion on the range, even the slightest distraction can contribute to a collision.