Drama – Celebrations

Chicago Youth Theatre Festival 2022

Congratulations to the following Lane Drama students who were winners at The Chicago Youth Theatre Festival on February 19th. Lane was the only school in Chicago that had students win in every category.

Two Person Scene Performance:

  • First Place: Makeda Davies and Ava Kolodziej

Ensemble Scene Performance:

  • First Place: Grace Borre, Steve Ortega, Ava Hammond, and Elisabeth Molomangzi
  • Second Place: Isella Claudio, Emmanuel Garcia, and Charlotte Weissman

Musical Theatre Performance:

  • Second Place: Charlotte Weissman

Monologue Performance:

  • Third Place: Christina Liberto

Young Playwright’s Festival 2022 Winners!


  • Lucas Bigos, Terms and Conditions, Teacher Kirsten Hanson
  • Jonathan Soco, Another Star in the Sky, Teacher Julie Allen

Lucas and Jonathan will receive a professional presentation of their plays in January 2023 with Pegasus Theatre.


  • Ella Price, Too Late, Teacher Kirsten Hanson
  • Lea Stangenes, Laundry Bandits, Teachers Kirsten Hanson and Dane Haiken

Illinois High School Musical Theatre Awards 2022

Congratulations to Charlotte Weissman who was one of twelve actresses in the state of Illinois selected as a best actress nominee to perform at the Broadway Playhouse in Chicago as part of the Illinois High School Musical Theatre Awards in May, 2022!