Drama Courses

Honors Adaptive Drama: Diverse Learners are paired with Drama Leaders as they explore and practice Drama and performance.

Improv, Comedy, and Character: This course is offered to seniors and juniors as an arts credit or an additional Drama elective. Students will learn short form and long form improv skills, read and perform scenes from comic plays, practice sketch comedy and ensemble theatre performance skills, and finally character creation.

Honors Drama I: Students study beginning acting skills, character creation, voice, improvisation, play analysis, playwriting, scene study, and basic staging technique. Drama 1 students have an arts partnership with Pegasus Theatre.

Honors Drama II: Students study acting technique, improvisation, directing, auditioning, film and television technique, beginning stagecraft, and play production. The year will culminate in a class play performance. Drama II students have a residency with Steppenwolf Theatre Company.
Requirement: Honors Drama I.

Honors Drama III: Students study advanced acting skills, movement, voice and dialect work, play analysis, classical performance technique, and theatre history through performance (Greek, Renaissance, Restoration). The class will perform a Shakespeare play for the public. Drama III students will see a professional Shakespeare production in Chicago. Requirement: Honors Drama II.

Honors Drama IV: Students will delve further into professional acting techniques (Meisner and Method) and theatre history through performance (Modern Movements). Students will examine the design aspects of play production: lighting, set design, costuming and stage makeup. Students will prepare for college auditions and/or interviews. Finally, seniors will participate in a senior performance showcase. Drama IV students partner with Steppenwolf Theatre Company.
Requirement: Honors Drama III.

Drama Concentration Requirements

Students in the Drama Concentration are required to take 4 Drama classes, participate in one production, and complete a senior project before graduation. Students who complete the Drama Concentration will be recognized at graduation.

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