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The mathematics department offers classes ranging from Algebra I through Calculus and Statistics, in honors and Advanced Placement sequences. After the core subjects have been completed in a students’ curriculum, we have 6 additional electives (at varying levels) from which the students can choose to enrich or enhance their mathematics education. While we continue to teach basic math concepts and skills that have been part of our curriculum for years, we recognize the need to be aware of the latest trends in mathematics education and implement effective ones. An emphasis on a multi-representational approach to functions is made in all of our classes. Our curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Our best problem solvers are encouraged to join the math team-which competes in citywide, regional, and state competitions. We provide math support for students who fall behind in their classes through daily tutoring opportunities by math teachers during lunch in our “Math Lab”; after school tutoring through a daily classroom tutoring schedule; and on Saturday mornings at Lane throughout the school year. Tutorial CDs, online textbook access, and practice workbooks are available for students in the core subject areas (Algebra, Geometry, and Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry, and Pre-calculus). Students in our A.P. classes have access to additional software to prepare them for the A.P. exams.


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*All AP Courses are expected to have a $100 fee ($25 class fee and $75 exam fee).

The exact exam fee for testing in May 2016 will be released by the CollegeBoard in October 2015. This exam fee determines the total price that students will owe for each AP Course/exam. The AP exam fee may be fully or partially reduced for students with free/reduced lunch, per funding by district and state grants. The exact fee will be provided as soon as the district and state release their funding statement.