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The mission of the Department of JROTC is to motivate young people to become better citizens and leaders. We are staffed with instructors who have all retired from the U.S. Army and are certified by the Army to be JROTC instructors. We use a military model for teaching leadership. The curriculum consists of state-of-the-art core curriculum designed and packaged by professional educators at the U.S. Army Cadet Command. The program consists of core subjects, electives, and leadership labs during class periods. We also offer numerous co-curricular teams that meet before or after school which provide excellent opportunities for students to experience and apply the knowledge learned in class and labs. Our goal is for our students to leave Lane with confidence and emotional maturity. They will know themselves, how they tend to interact with others, and how their actions influence the people around them. Our graduates will be prepared to be leaders in their families, at work, and in their communities. They will make a difference.

The teams we offer (all led by cadets), are Archery, Orienteering, Raiders (outdoor skills), Drum line, Academic and Leadership knowledge bowl, Color guard, Upperclassman drill team, Freshman drill team, Armed exhibition drill team, Unarmed exhibition drill team, Armed regulation drill team and Physical fitness team. These teams attend various competitions locally and across the country and historically have been very successful. We also offer a leadership camp every June and spring break trips to historical sites and service academies.


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*All AP Courses are expected to have a $100 fee ($25 class fee and $75 exam fee).

The exact exam fee for testing in May 2016 will be released by the CollegeBoard in October 2015. This exam fee determines the total price that students will owe for each AP Course/exam. The AP exam fee may be fully or partially reduced for students with free/reduced lunch, per funding by district and state grants. The exact fee will be provided as soon as the district and state release their funding statement.