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The Lane Tech Social Science Department offers the widest variety of electives in the district in addition to the required courses of World Studies and United States History. All students complete World Studies during their freshman year and US History during sophomore year. While not required to take four years of a social science, most students choose to due to our varied offerings and excellent teaching staff. This dynamic group of teachers specializes in the classics, economics, psychology, political science, journalism, archaeology, computer science, anthropology, and of course, history (from ancient times through the present). This brings to the social science classrooms a diverse perspective allowing students to become well-rounded citizens. The History department also offers nine different AP classes across a variety of subjects. Many students jump right into our AP program with both feet and enjoy tremendous success. For other students who might have a little apprehension about taking an AP course, we offer classes that can be taken in advance of an AP course to help prepare students for their first AP experience. For instance, students can choose to take an economics elective prior to taking AP Microeconomics or AP Macroeconomics. Technology is a large part of the social science curriculum—most teachers use timely news clips, Ted Talks, cutting documentaries, interactive iPad applications, online simulations, and websites to enhance the classroom environment and to provide parents with a window into their child’s courses. In addition to the offerings listed below*, the Social Science Department sponsors the Close-Up trip to Washington DC, Academic Decathlon, Model United Nations, Mock Trials, CSI: Lane Tech — an interactive cross-curricular event wherein Law and Forensic students team up to solve a staged crime, and overnight trips to visit colleges and universities.

Curriculum Map

Required Course
Required Course
Required Course
Required Course or Elective
AP Human Geography
H World Studies
H US History
AP World History
AP European History
H Civics


AP United States History

AP Government & Politics


Social Science Electives

Academic Decathlon – can be taken for three years


  • Only one Social Studies elective is required to graduate, though most students choose to take more.
  • For the most part, electives can be taken in any sequence.
  • Either Honors US History (soph.) or AP US History (Jr.) must be taken as a graduation requirement
  • LTAC students: Will take Global Issues in 7th Grade and Honors World Studies in 8th Grade (Will Earn HS Credit)

Social Science Electives

  • Honors Law (Juniors and Seniors)
  • AP US History
  • AP European History
  • AP US Government
  • AP Economics (Micro and Macro)
  • AP Psychology
  • AP World History
  • AP Human Geography


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Level of Challenge (1-5) 5 is extremely challenging:

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Mandatory Summer assignment:

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Lane AP Passing Rate:

*All AP Courses are expected to have a $100 fee ($25 class fee and $75 exam fee).

The exact exam fee for testing in May 2016 will be released by the CollegeBoard in October 2015. This exam fee determines the total price that students will owe for each AP Course/exam. The AP exam fee may be fully or partially reduced for students with free/reduced lunch, per funding by district and state grants. The exact fee will be provided as soon as the district and state release their funding statement.