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Computer Science is a field of study that reaches into both theory and practice. There is not a single aspect of our society that doesn’t benefit from the practical side of computing. Computing has affected how we communicate with each other on a personal level and on a mass scale. Everything from smartphones to tablets to the movies you watch today. They are all heavily affected by the field of Computer Science. Computing has even affected how we perform even the smallest tasks during the course of our everyday lives. Everything from hybrid cars to the clothes you are wearing to the food you ate for breakfast. All of these products are only possible now because of what computer scientists do.

It is what drives our society into the future. Being a user and consumer of technology has become the norm. From a more abstract point of view, Computer Science can be seen as the science of problem-solving. Students of the field will develop skills in pattern recognition, modeling and analyzing problems.

Our goal is to turn the consumers and users of technology today into the creators and makers of technology of tomorrow.

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All of the courses are electives. Some of the more advanced courses may require teacher approval. This approval can usually be gained either by taking one of our introductory courses OR by showing us you have gained experience through some other venue. It can be showing us what you have contributed to an open source project online or a mod you created for your favorite game.



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