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The department of World Languages at Lane Tech College Preparatory High School embodies a group of teachers who believe in facilitating the learning of world languages through hands-on and student-centered learning. Our vision includes preparing our students for seamless literacy proficiency in their chosen foreign language and providing them with knowledge to enhance their career opportunities after graduating from our school.

Currently, we offer Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Spanish for Spanish Speakers. Students must complete a minimum of three consecutive years of study of the same language in order to be able to acquire fluency and a deeper knowledge of the culture. Students with no prior language study are placed into a level 1 honors course. Those with prior study are invited to take a placement exam in order to qualify for a higher level. We also offer a placement test for Spanish Speakers who wish to continue learning their native language in a class designed for native speakers. All courses beginning at level two are offered as regular or honors courses. Our students also have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement language courses in which they can earn college credit and a useful experience to continue their studies after high school. This advanced language course builds on the solid foundation established during the first three years of study.

In order for a student to advance to the next Honors Level class he/she must follow the following criteria:

  1. From Honors 1 to Honors 2 must earn a grade of 85% or greater unless otherwise advised by the current level 1 Honor’s teacher
  2. From level 2 or level 3 Regular to Honors 2 or 3 a student must earn a 90% and have a letter of recommendation by the current teacher
  3. From level 2 Honors to level 3 Honors a student must earn a grade of 85% unless otherwise advised by the current level 2 Honor’s teacher.

The World Language Department connects students to other cultures through curricula that help prepare, introduce, and educate tomorrow’s modern language speakers. Most languages within the department offer an exchange program that allows our students to travel in the country of the chosen language. We also host international students twice a year to interact in the target language with our students for the linguistic benefit of both groups.

Our department has a computer laboratory with 37 computers equipped with CD ROMs that accompany textbooks and a sophisticated interactive program that allows students to communicate with each other and the teacher in the target language. The lab is used to do research of historical and cultural facts of the country studied and to communicate with students in other countries via pen-pal programs through the use of 21st century technology.

Each classroom also contains the most modern technological equipment for a more dynamic learning experience. This includes LCD projectors, smart boards, Elmo cameras, and a mobile class set of laptop computers. The use of various technological tools allows our students to acquire the foreign language through a variety of pedagogical avenues that make learning interesting and challenging. To diversify learning, teachers also use textbooks, workbooks, readers, and many forms of media like DVDs, CDs, and Internet.

Lane Tech students come from diverse backgrounds and learning a second or third language encourages understanding, compassion, and tolerance of other cultures. It also embraces humanity, respect of differences, beliefs, nationalities, and how we live our lives. Studies have shown that learning a foreign language helps enrich and perfect our first language. As Charlemagne said about the importance of learning a foreign language, “To speak another language is to possess another soul.”

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